Dark Days Dinner #1

January 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is what dinner looks like in January the day before my CSA basket arrives.  Eggs plus random veggies in the fridge. Actually turned out rather yummy though. 

I am very proud to say, for my very first dinner of this year, that every single bit of this dinner was local (except the salt).  It was very satisfying, though I think I’d add some bacon or perhaps another egg next time.  I managed to accidentally skip lunch because I was out shopping this afternoon and couldn’t find anything local to eat… note to self, bring snacks when you leave the house.  I tend to get rather grumpy when I hungry.  And that’s just not good for anyone. 

Winter Veggies with Fried Egg for One

A few fingerling potatoes, halved lengthwise

Small handful of kale (stems removed, chopped roughly)

1 small onion, halved and sliced (I used red)

2 tsp bacon fat (or local butter if you have some)

1 fresh egg

Cheese for grating ( I used Cherry Glen‘s Crotin)

*Preheat the oven to 400.  Melt the fat in a cast iron skillet on medium high heat, and place the potatoes cut side down in the pan.  Let them sit until they are golden, about 4 minutes, then flip them over and let them brown a little more.  Take the potatoes out of the pan and place them on a baking sheet and pop into the oven while you work on the rest.  

Toss the onions into the pan with the remaining fat and let caramelize.  Once they are starting to brown, throw in the kale and allow it to wilt down. Keep the heat high so the kale crisps up a bit as well as the onions.  Once you are satisfied with their doneness (around 5-7 minutes for me), transfer the kale and onions to your plate.

Add a touch more fat to the pan then crack your egg into it.  I turn the fire off at this point and let the residual heat form the pan cook the egg.  Pull your potatoes out of the oven and add them to your plate.  Once the egg is set, slide it on top and grate some hard cheese on top. Salt and pepper to taste.  

Et, voila! Dinner for one.  I find eggs to always be my go-to when I am cooking for myself.  How courteous of the chickens to make their eggs portioned for the single diner. All the more appreciation I have for the ladies’ work.  Dinner was delicious, but now I’m craving dessert.  Blue Ridge Dairy Co yogurt with Toigo Orchards honey? Yes, please.


First Day of a Locavore Life

January 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I went to bed in 2009 feeling a bit sick from my over indulgence of all the delicious lobster, pasta and prosecco.  Perhaps it was the shedding of a decade of coming into myself, and my body was expelling the unnecessary parts.  At the turn of the Millenium, this day 10 years ago, I was a very hung over 15 year old waking up in the basement of a friend’s house in my hometown of Sarasota, FL to find a variety of people I knew (and one’s i didn’t) strewn about on couches and pool tables, crushed cans of Miller Lite and half empty bottles of Arbor Mist slumped guiltily next to their heads.

This morning I woke up feeling renewed, refreshed, next to the person I love in a warm and familiar bed.  My first thought was the same as most days- I need coffee. and food. stat.- but today was different.

I was excited to get up and make the choice that the coffee would be Santa Lucia Estate Coffee, and that I would have eggs from a farm in Maryland, and some butternut squash from the local farmers market.

I passed on the steak (though it looked pretty inviting) that my partner was having with some blue cheese and squash, but felt very satisfied with my decision overall.  As I’ve mentioned, diets are not really my thing… and the seeming deprivation of this experiment reminds me of bad fad diet when my Nagging Voice gets my ear.  But its not a fad, or a diet, and I’m not depriving myself of anything I don’t want to.

I don’t want CAFO meat anymore, or produce ripened in a truck by ethylene gas that comes from half way across the world.  I imagine at times I might be tricked into thinking that I do… but deep in my belly, I no longer desire such addictions.  I am going cold turkey on high-fructose corn syrup, and cord-fed hamburgers, and bananas.  I’m trading up for a healthier life. Healthier for my body, my conscience, my community, and my planet.

I’m grateful to have a community of people supporting me, and that others have done this and succeeded and that I can learn from them.  I’m grateful for the last ten years, for the mistakes and triumphs, for leading me to this point in my life.  I’m grateful for the will to change, in many areas.  I’m grateful for my appetite, for food and adventure, and I’m grateful to have a partner who pushes me and explores life with me.

And I’m very, very grateful for those who grow my food and keep true American agriculture alive in the Chesapeake Bay foodshed.  I’m proud to call many of you friends, and look forward to knowing many more.  Saying grace before meals takes on a new meaning now.  There is just so much more to be thankful for.

Welcome, 2010.  Bring on the next ten years.

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