Will Work for Food

June 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

To catch you all up, Friday was my last day at Sweetgreen.  There’s no need to go into all the details here, but we parted on very good terms… I just felt like it wasn’t quite the right fit for me.  Though this does leave me in quite a new position… unemployed!  I decided that I’d like to take some time off to visit family and friends, and just generally clear my head for whatever is coming next.  It’s pretty exciting actually. It’s the most thrilling feeling to have no idea what comes next- every day is a pleasant surprise.  I am confident that something great awaits me, so now the fun part… waiting!

For the past week I have been doing a lot of cooking, napping, reading, and lots of writing… though clearly not in this blog.  Whoops.  After such a long hiatus it felt like I needed some grand entrance back into my posts. But then I decided to screw that and just throw something up here to get myself started again.  Eh voila! Here is my lackluster post! Bask in the glory of its mediocrity.

I realized the other day that it is JUNE already, and this means that I am rapidly nearing the 6 month mark for the year of local eating.  With so many country songs devoted to the theme, it’s amazing how I’m still surprised at how time keeps slip, slip, slippin’ away like that.  In any case, Summer has arrived and my eating habits are about to get a lot more interesting. And a lot more cost conscious (read: I’ll be broke if I keep eating at restaurants the way I have been).

I’m trying to come up with creative ideas for getting restaurants to give me free food. My latest best idea is to freelance my sustainable sourcing skills in exchange for a free-dinner pass. I feel like it’s a pretty sweet deal.

*Dear Restaurants- Want to have the most bad ass, delicious, sustainable food on the block? Give me a ring. I will work for food. Seriously. Xoxo- your own personal sourceress*

I do have money saved, so I won’t starve (I know you were worried).  But I’m trying to save as much of it as I can because I may need to transfer a rather large chunk of it into an account for grad school.  I’ve decided that I am going to finally fulfill my dream of getting my Masters degree. I used to want to get it in Critical Film Theory at USC (oh how far I’ve come…), but now I am looking at a one-year masters in… get this… Food Culture and Communications at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy.  Um, yeah. That does in fact sound like the most perfect and wonderful formal education of all time. So fingers crossed I get in! I won’t know until December though, and the program starts in March… so I need things to do until then to keep myself in sustainable food and drink (good food is non-negotiable, no matter how little money I have).  Ideas are welcome.

I have lots of other things I probably should tell you guys about… this awesome local seafood seminar I went to, the RAMMYS (Oscars of DC Restaurant scene), this bomb Shrimp and Grits I made last night… but all in good time.  More posts are coming. Double secret promise.


§ One Response to Will Work for Food

  • Gary says:

    Hey Erin,
    Glad you’re back on the blogging trail. Looking forward to seeing you at the cabin next week, and we’ll see what we can do about some seriously good local eats in the valley. Love you, G/D

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