A Word from New Zealand

March 15, 2010 § 4 Comments

Sincere apologies for not updating on my trip to Kiwiland… but quite frankly, i just couldn’t bring myself to spend too much time online in this incredible place.  Once I’m back in the States (very early on Monday morning) I’ll get crackin on a full update of my amazing visit to this nearly fully sustainable country.  

In the meantime… here’s a quick recap. While in NZ, I…

Drove  on the wrong side of the road, and the wrong side of the car. And didn’t die. 

Stayed with a couple who both, separately, received medals from the Queen of England for saving vast parts of NZ wildlife from the governments’ efforts to destroy it. 

Ate butterfish, pulled from the ocean an hour earlier, with the man who speared it (yes, SPEARED it).

Learned how to clean and prepare fresh abalone.

Hugged an avocado tree out of shear joy at being near one. 

Ate no less than 15lbs of fresh-from-the-tree Omega Plums. 

Whitewater rafted over a waterfall.

Attended a traditional Maori hangi (feast), for which they slow roasted meat and vegetables in the ground all day. 

Watched the world’s first sunrise on my 26th birthday.

Drove along The Forgotten Highway for 5 hours, and quickly realized why we were the only ones driving it. 

Devoured New Zealand lamb, venison, mussels, fish, beef and stone fruit like it was going out of style. 

Got my first tattoo. 

Drank incredible pinot noir at cult vineyard Mt. Difficulty in Central Otago… and then decided to go bungy jumping immediately after. 

Bungy jumped off a bridge in Central Otago.

Ate the freshest, cleanest, most ethical and delicious food of my life without even trying. 

*I promise a full recap with pictures once I have better access… thanks everyone for putting up with my 2 week blog break! Im back on with a vengeance, starting Monday 🙂



§ 4 Responses to A Word from New Zealand

  • Gerry Hendershot says:

    Good to have you back. Look forward to the details of what was clearly an amazing experience for you. And happy birthday.

  • Moon Over Martinborough says:

    Ah, NZ Pinot Noir! I love the stuff. I recently had a tour of Escarpment Vineyard here in Martinborough, NZ. It’s the vineyard of Larry McKenna, a well know NZ Pinot Noir winemaker. Got to taste their yet-to-be released 2010 Pinots. Fantastic!

    • elittlestar says:

      Ohhh lucky duck you are! I’m a newbie to NZ pinot, but quickly becoming a dedicated fan.

      I thought your blog sounded familiar… when I was planning my trip to NZ, I looked around for food blogs and stumbled on yours. Remember a great story about learning to kill chickens from Aussie Bronwyn. What a great blog (and life!) you have. You are living my dream, friend!

  • KMango says:

    Sounds epic! Kudos for such an outstanding adventure and happy belated birthday. But most of all, be present for every single moment there.

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