Mid-Winter Blues (Time to Escape!)

February 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

So… listen, I love meat and potatoes as much the next red blooded American. But I am so getting pretty bored with my food lately.  I had an EcoFriendly Foods pork blade steak and sweet potatoes for dinner, and as tasty as it was… my tastebuds are going to go on strike soon if they don’t get something fresh and juicy.  This is right about the time it happens every year, late February- the dead middle of winter.  No, I haven’t quite gotten sick of kale yet (especially since we’ve put my favorite Crispy Kale on the new Market menu at Sweetgreen Logan), but I am wanting something new soon. 

So, being the clever girl I am and knowing this would happen, I planned a trip months ago to ease my projected mid-winter blues. Somewhere it’s warm… with beaches… and has a fantastic growing climate… somewhere it’s summer in February… somewhere like… New Zealand!!

Yes friends, on Thursday I’ll be leaving for New Zealand for 2 and half weeks. While it’s not a great time to be leaving Sweetgreen, I planned the trip months ago while I was still at DCCK (and had loads of vacation time built up).  With all the changes that have been happening in my life lately though (new job, recently single…), I really need this vacation.  This is going to be very, very good for me.

I have absolutely no plans once I get there. I literally have a plane ticket and a passport and that’s about it. I’m just going to get a car (probably should reserve that soon?) and drive around looking for food… and farms… and vineyards.  New Zealand is pretty much the most sustainable country in the world (probably by virtue of necessity- they are 2000 miles from the nearest land mass, making them the most remote country on earth).  I cannot wait!!

Yes, eating local and in season is important, and delicious, and the right way to live.  But that doesn’t mean that for 1 month out of the year you won’t get bored. You will. So just prepare yourself- freeze summer tomatoes, strawberries, peaches… and plan a vacation in February.  With 2 weeks in New Zealand summer ahead of me, DC spring seems closer than ever.


§ One Response to Mid-Winter Blues (Time to Escape!)

  • Gary L says:

    Hey Erin,
    hope all’s well in NZ. Your weather is warmer there than here in Florida. Brrrrrr.

    It’s your birthday here today, but it was your b’day there yesterday, and it’s tomorrow there today, but…. Happy Birthday again!!!!!

    Muchas Smoochas

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