The Sweet(green) Life

February 8, 2010 § 3 Comments

Well, the secret is out!

Friday was my last day at DC Central Kitchen, and Monday I will start work at Sweetgreen, a young start-up fast-casual restaurant concept with unlimited possibilities. After learning about what I was doing at DC Central Kitchen with local food sourcing, the 3 vibrant young founders courted me into their company as their first Sourcing and Sustainability Manager (or, as I have been jokingly calling myself- The Sourceress.  It caught on with the SG team and has kind of stuck! It makes me smile. hehe.)

It’s hard to believe my incredible luck at finding the one company in DC (and maybe in the country) that is so committed to local and sustainable food that they have created a position solely dedicated to sourcing it.  Eeeee!! How FUN is this going to be?? I love that I will be really supporting my local farmers (with 3 restaurants and 3 on the way in DC, I’ll have a lot of purchasing power), and I’ll be bringing healthy, sustainable food to an even wider swath of Washingtonians.  I was successful in bringing fresh, local produce to homeless shelters and low-income areas.  And it’s great that high-end expensive restaurants are buying local food, and even better (for me!) when mid-price places like Saint Ex and Commonwealth do it…. but to have a fast-casual restaurant with several locations buy all local food is pretty impressive- if I do say so myself 😉  They are way ahead of the curve in most areas of corporate responsibility and sustainability, but I want to help Sweetgreen really emerge as a leader in the local food movement and show that not only is it the responsible thing to do, but also a profitable way to do business.  

I am beyond excited at the possibilities with Sweetgreen, but leaving the Kitchen was difficult for me.  It was my first real work family.  I’ll always be grateful for the support of Robert Egger and Mike Curtin- they are the reason I was even able to discover this path for my life.  Both of them have been incredible mentors, and I intend on keeping them, and the DCCK family and mission, a big part of my life. 

I’ll be posting on the Sweetgreen blog about once a week as well, and probably cross-posting here.  Follow what we are doing over at SG at  

xoxo erin


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