Rules to Live Buy

January 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

My colleague Lauren, the Healthy Returns Coordinator at DC Central Kitchen, gave me this great little paper she received from Jews for United Justice.  Now, I am not Jewish, but I have this (not so) secret love of awesome Jewish organizations that are doing things like fighting poverty and hunger, or holding queer latin dance night (thank you, DC JCC).  I grew up in a Methodist church, and nice as everyone was, we were not the most engaged people when it came to fighting for the poor and disadvantaged.  It wasn’t until I got to DC and went to Church of the Pilgrims that I even realized there were churches out there who were actually doing such things (actually living and loving the way the Bible says we should? WHAAAAAAT?)

Anyway… this really isn’t a post about religion. It’s a post about this great little piece of paper I have that has some things to think about before you spend your money.  Some of them could be adapted to buying local food and supporting sustainable farmers, but really, one should think about these things before buying anything at all.

Before Buying, Ask Yourself…

  • Is this something I need?
  • Can I borrow one, find one used, or make one instead of buying new?
  • Was it made with fair labor practices?
  • Was it made with environmentally preferable materials?
  • Is it made well enough to last?
  • Will using it require excessive energy?
  • Will this purchase enhance the meaning and joy in my life?

Especially in this economy, we should be thinking about every dollar we spend, and who it is going to support, and if we feel comfortable with that.  Every dollar that leaves your hand goes to support someone else’s business, and therefore their livlihood.

Who are you supporting with you spending?


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