The First FAIL, and a Karmic Ass Kicking

January 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

With as much as I’ve been bragging about how easy it is to eat only local food, I was bound to get a karmic kick in the ass soon enough.  Well, that time was Saturday.

Saturday morning was fine- I had a lovely weekend breakfast of Bev’s bacon and buckwheat pancakes with Toigo Orchard’s apple butter and honey.  The cakes were delicious, and made with a mix I ordered from Wade’s Mill, a family owned Virginia grain mill about an hour outside of Charlottesville. 

But it was all downhill from there.

I was going to a friend’s house in Herndon for a party Saturday night, and I knew there would be no chance of any food I could eat there, so I tried to make a loaf of bread to take with some of my chicken liver mousse. I was determined make Rhea’s beer bread (from You Are Delicious), since she had said how easy it was.  So I threw it together before I was going out to run some errands, and turned on the oven so I could set the bowl on top of the stove where it would be warm.  Well, the errands ended up taking longer than I expected and apparently the stove top got warmer than I expected, because by the time I got home the dough was half-cooked in the bowl!

I tried to salvage it, but it was a lost cause.  And, I was so concerned with the bread that I forgot to make myself any dinner, so by the time we were supposed to leave I was starving and had nothing to bring to the party. I slapdash made a farmer’s cheese and hothouse tomato sandwich, but it really didn’t do anything for me.  I was hungry again by the time we got there.

There were all kinds of things there I would have gladly eaten a month ago, and I’ll be perfectly honest with you… I did eat a few bites.  And felt terribly guilty about it.  I was really disappointed in myself.  Then I found some Old Dominion beer (brewed in Dover, DE and Ashburn, VA), and proceeded to drink way too much on an empty stomach and lose $20 playing poker.  Let me assure you, I paid for my digression with a monster headache this morning.

But I’m moving past my slip up, and on to better things. So I’m going to try again with the bread tonight, and am going to try my hand at making my own yogurt with my Homestead Creamery milk. I’m thinking of making some sausage meatballs for dinner, or perhaps a mushroom cream sauce over fresh pasta from Smith Meadows.

Things are looking up.  I won’t let a moment of hungry desperation throw me off. And if your trying this too, neither should you.


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  • […] I piled half the salad onto my burger and dug in. Amazing.  I’m doubting the bread is local (though might be from a local bakery?), and I’ll admit to having some chevre on top of unknown origin (very high quality and likely sustainable from somewhere, but probably France, not Maryland. Yes, I feel very bad about this. but I was desperate. and this was the lunch after the accidentally heavy night of  drinking and non-local food.) […]

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