A Philosophical Lunch

January 5, 2010 § 4 Comments

This was my lunch yesterday. 

– Pink Lady apple from Star Hollow (hands down best kind of apple),

Blue Ridge Dairy yogurt with peach blossom honey (actually supposed to be breakfast, but was too busy to eat it until lunch)

– Sandwich with : Meadow Creek Dairy Appalachian Tomme cheese (Whole Foods labeled it as local, just found out it is like 350 miles away. Arg! Will post later on virtues and FAIL of Whole Foods), homemade brown bread from my new friend Dan (who I met at a Slow Food DC event- which was catastrophe. But meeting Dan and Cathy was not. They are great. and Dan home brews BEER!  He is my new favorite person.) and lettuce from my CSA.

Todays lunch was much the same but included a hard-boiled egg, a rosemary roll from Atwater’s Bread, and half of an EcoFriendly Foods poussin that DCCK put out for lunch.

Yes, that’s right, I am sourcing the happiest, most sustainably raised chickens on earth for DC Central Kitchen, and we serve them to our clients in shelters, half way houses, job training programs, and schools.   Because sustainable, local, healthy food is for EVERYONE.  It can be done, and we are doing it.   Good food is for the poor, the middle class (aka Me), and the wealthy. 

Knowing where your food comes from is a basic right, but for too long we have been assured that it’s not.  Don’t ask questions, eat your vegetables.  No cameras in the slaughterhouses, and if you start raising your voice about Monsanto you will be sued.  It’s unethical, it’s unhealthy, and it’s ripping apart the agricultural foundation of this country.  So if you want to know why I am really doing this year of local eating- that’s why.   Because I’m sick and tired of Big Ag influencing national policy and genetically modifying my food.  I’m sick and tired of being lied to. And by sick and tired, I am hardly being figurative. 

I started eating only local, sustainable food on Friday, and as of today, I have never had more energy or felt better in my entire life.  I assumed something like this would happen, but I had no idea it would happen so quickly.  Yesterday was the most productive work day maybe ever, and I slept well and woke up this morning feeling positively radiant.  That does not happen for me.  I get up and drag my ass out of bed to the coffee pot and finally wake up around 10am, only to eat lunch and feel drained again by 2:30pm.  I come home and need a nap at 5pm.  I figured it was the weather, the lack of sunlight in the winter.  But it turns out it’s not.  It’s my food. My body doesn’t feel weighed down by chemicals or sugar.  I lost 2 lbs in 4 days by thinking about food nonstop and eating the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted. 

Last night I roasted a Grass Kickin Chicken from my dear friend Bev and it was by far the best I’ve had (with an apple cider glaze and roasted root veg- incredible).  I feel honored to be cooking and eating this kind of food. My meals have returned to that sacred place where I feel compelled to say a blessing before taking a bite, to thank the Creator and the farmer for this feast.  I’m having a spiritual awakening from a simple cheese sandwich.

If you are looking for a way to change your outlook on life, to be more grateful, more conscious, a more active and alive human being… I think I may have found the secret.  It starts with your most basic of needs, and you already do it 3 times a day. 

Eat this free-range chicken, its body has been broken for you.  Drink this creamline milk, it is the sustainer of life.


§ 4 Responses to A Philosophical Lunch

  • Marisa says:

    Hey Erin!
    This is your other ‘new friend’ from the Slow Food DC event 🙂
    I’ll be following your blog and sending positive vibes! Good luck with your challenge.
    Say hello to Alli for me, please.
    Hope we can all get together for a good meal sometime soon.
    Take care
    Marisa xx

    • elittlestar says:

      Marisa! So good to hear from you!! A and I would love love love to see you and V for dinner. But only if you promise to bring me more of your amazing little tarts. I think I ate like 12 of them 🙂 hehe. Send me an email at elittlestar AT dccentralkitchen.org and let’s make it happen.

      Thanks for the well wishes!
      Xoxo, Erin

  • Alix says:

    Hi Erin: I love your blog. I’ve been a Star Hollow CSA member for almost 2 years and have been very happy with the food and the people. Best of luck with eating local and maybe I’ll see you at a Slow Food event (I keep missing them)


    • elittlestar says:

      Thanks Alix! Star Hollow really is fantastic, I am forever indebted to Greg Plotkin for bringing me into the fold on that one. If not at Slow Food, maybe I’ll see you out at the truck on Saturday mornings! I’m the girl with the embarassing old lady red roly cart 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

      xoxo Erin

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