Star Hollow Farm is My New Best Friend

January 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

Check out this haul from my Star Hollow CSA!!! (Not shown:  a stock chicken that is currently in the pot)

Their drop point in Adams Morgan is closer than any grocery store (well, ok, except the sketchy Metro K, but it hardly counts), the food is gorgeous, I can order online in about 5 minutes, and it’s the same or less expensive than Safeway or Harris Teeter.  So far I see absolutely no down sides to this arrangement.  They don’t even have minimum order requirements, and you don’t have to order each week if you don’t want to.

My recommendation based on this one experience: All CSAs should be like this, and everyone should be a part of one.  This was the easiest and best grocery shopping experience ever.  

The most exciting parts are the oyster and portobella mushrooms, and the butter, and the little yellow tomatoes.  Tomatoes! In JANUARY!!

It’s freezing outside in DC today and I can hear the wind howling down my alleyway.  I believe the best use of my Saturday is staying in and making stock. And perhaps some chicken liver paté now that I have butter (lovely livers from Daniel at Pecan Meadow Farm in PA). And making…. something else probably . I’m just so excited to cook now that I have food!!!


§ 3 Responses to Star Hollow Farm is My New Best Friend

  • Rhea says:

    Wow! That is truly an amazing CSA haul — especially for January! Thanks for sharing about Star Hollow. And I love your site. It’s a nice “so there” to anyone who says local food is expensive and/or elitist!

  • elittlestar says:

    Thanks Rhea… you’re making me blush! 🙂

    Star Hollow really is fantastic… though I do feel a little bad bragging about them since i think they might be sold out for the year! but if not i (clearly) highly recommend them.

    Thanks for reading!!

  • […] Star Hollow CSA- I think everything went right with this one. I spent about $45 every 2 weeks on local, and often organic, fruit, vegetables (including mushrooms- a great meat substitute), cheese, butter, eggs, and a stew hen that I used for stock.  The fruits and veg I buy are usually used up within the 2 weeks, but the butter/cheese etc always last me longer.  Read about my first order here. […]

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