T Minus 33 hrs to Local Food Year 2010

December 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

In my preparation for Friday (Jan 1st, 2010!!!), I’ve been doing a little shopping.  I went to Cork Market last night and picked up some whole milk from Trickling Springs  and eggs from The Hen’s Nest (Windsor, MD).  The milk was $2.50 for the quart (plus a $2 bottle fee, which you get back once you return the glass bottle) and the eggs were $3.50- that is the same or less than I’d pay at Trader Joe’s or Harris Teeter!  I was, however, a bit saddened to see that the TS milk was homogenized (because I had read somewhere that it wasn’t  and that it had a luscious layer of cream on top… alas, not so much), but even more bummed to find (once I got home, naturally) that the sell by date was Dec 24!  I drank some of it before noticing the date, and thought it tasted a bit off… but honestly for being 5 days past due it was doing pretty well.

I will be taking it back to Cork tonight, but the folks working there were so nice I’m sure it won’t be a problem.  It’s a small, brand new market, so I can hardly blame them. It’s my own fault for not checking the date… I regularly buy out of date products from my sketchy corner store, but when I try to return it they look at me like I’m an idiot.  Doubtful I’ll face that problem from the nice folks at Cork.

It really is cute little market, and I’m sure as they grow they will start to carry more local items.  Sadly they only had one bottle of Virginia wine (a summery rose pouting in the corner) and I was hoping to get some sparking for NYE, but they do have local milk, eggs, award winning Cherry Glen Monocacy Ash cheese (who also sell at 14th and U market in season), and Dolcezza gelato (which is freaking amazing and made with Trickling Springs milk and often some local fruit- and veggies!)  While I don’t think I can pass off their authentic Argentine Dulce de Leche as local (but oh how I wish I could), I did see a Bartlett Pear flavor that I’m betting comes from local pears (maybe Toigo Orchards?)  I’ll do a little investigating and find out.  That would make me a very happy girl. 

I also placed my first order today with the Star Hollow online CSA program.  I ended up with fingerling potatoes, carrots, garlic, lettuce, fresh thyme, yellow hothouse tomatoes, oyster mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, a large frozen stewing chicken, organic sweet potatoes, shallots, butter, and two kinds of cheese.  All for just under $48.00!!!  It took me all of about 7 minutes to grocery shop for the week, and it was about half what I would spend at the conventional grocery store.  Plus, i think i probably way over-ordered, but my excitement (and WWII-style impulse to stock my house full of food) got the better of me. 

I’m feeling very optimistic (today) about this whole thing.  Jodi Lehr from Santa Lucia Estate Coffee was at the Kitchen today and I had some of her heavenly coffee again.  It both reminded me I need to place an online order for coffee ASAP (because when you order in bulk it comes out to like $6.50/lb- which I think is less than like, Folgers- ew- and Santa Lucia is normally $10/lb at Whole Foods) and that it really does make a difference who you buy your food from.  Jodi and her husband started Santa Lucia 15 years ago in DC.  There are 3 employees.  All their coffee is grown on estates in Nicaragua by people they know.  They are “sustainable, Rainforest Alliance, farm direct, estate coffee”, and I don’t care what the naysayers say… knowing my morning coffee  wasn’t picked by slaves does make it taste better.  And let me tell you, it does taste goooooooood.


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