Snow Day in DC

December 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Yesterday it snowed over 2 feet in DC, which means I basically did not leave the house all day… which means I cooked, a LOT. There were 3 girls and a miniature poodle all huddled up in my apartment, and the only things that kept us sane were Christmas movies and the glorious smells coming from the kitchen.

We woke up early and, after the full pot of coffee was on and we’d had the first sip, we started on breakfast.  Fried New Morning eggs and Bev’s bacon, with toast and homemade warm pear/applesauce from Toigo Orchards fruit.  It was a bit indulgent, yes, but it was 8am and there was already a foot of snow on the ground. It was clear we were in for a long day and no one felt the need to be prudent. 

Around 1pm we managed to be hungry again, and the lone butternut squash in my fruit bowl was called in action.  Alli whipped up a gorgeous soup, all golden and shiny, and paired it with a grilled cheese made with chevre, mozzarella, and Dubliner.  Of all the incredible things Alli makes that I am blessed to eat, her sandwiches may very well be my favorite. Once she made a midnight snack for us out of some leftover bread, goat cheese and a juicy yellow tomato slice lightly fried in butter. After 8 months of her delicious, inspired food, that late night open-faced sandwich is still at the top of my favorites list. 

As we were eating lunch we were already thinking of dinner, though we had mostly cleaned out the fridge by that point.  Two half empty, week old bottles of wine languished in the fridge, along with some slightly soft carrots and an onion or two.  I remember a small brisket in my freezer I had bought around Thanksgiving from our friend Daniel, who own Pecan Meadow Farm, at the 14th & U St Market.  Having grown up in Texas, the only brisket I ever ate was my father’s slow smoked version.  And though that remains my favorite way, Alli took the little brisket and the remaining contents of my fridge and made a boeuf bourgognion even Julia would have been proud of.  

We started it around 2pm, and by 7pm the house smelled like a French bistro and my mouth was watering.  To work up our appetite a bit, and to ward off the cabin fever, we took Oliver for a walk around in the snow.  I’ve never seen DC so peaceful and quiet.  No cars on the road, just a few other brave souls with their pups out for a snowy stroll.  By the time our noses started to get too cold, we were on our way home for dinner. The wonderful aroma of dinner on the stove warmed us immediately.  Some local baby yukon gold potatoes were added, and we tucked in to the glorious thing.  I can’t imagine a more comforting meal on a cold winter’s night.  

I hope everyone stayed safe in the storm, and that you made the most of your snow day.


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