Bread and Wine, Milk and Butter

December 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

I had drinks last night at the Darlington House cantina with Greg Plotkin, a grant writer for American Farmland Trust/Sustainable Food and Poverty in America blogger for food and farmer lover (which makes him an instant friend in my book).  The following things came up:

1. Starting this year of local eating in January was a rather terrible idea. 

2. What was my plan for alcohol? God knows I’m not going dry. Is there local beer around here? Wine for sure I could do (thank you,Virginia). Though the thought of a year without my beloved tequila makes me sad inside. (note: need to find someone who is going to Mexico and will smuggle me back some. anyone?!?)

3. I should consider joining a CSA to keep costs down and make my life easier on Sunday mornings when I can’t get to the Dupont Market. Greg is a part of Star Hollow Farm, which conveniently has it’s drop point within spitting distance of my house in Adams Morgan.  They also have an online ordering system so you only get what you want (it’s a super high-tech CSA, if there is such a thing).  Wrote them an email, waiting to hear if I got in!! Feels like college applications all over again!

4. Is bread from a local bakery good enough, or will I need to make my own? Will need to research ingredients of breads at the markets.  If made from organic, American flours, may buy from them.  I would like to try to make the majority of my food from scratch though… so perhaps just one loaf per week?  I’m fear dying of starvation if left to my own bread making skills.  (Update: I’m saved!!! Atwater’s Bakery is delicious, sells at Dupont, and is the perfect example of what a sustainable, local food business should be- check it)

So I definitely left this conversation with some questions, but also a lot of answers. Greg is a veritable fount of resources for local food, so I’ll be adding many of the places he gave me to my lists of Where to Eat and Where to Find Food.  For instance… did you know the new Cork Market sells Trickling Springs milk and butter?  I’m saved!!  Local bacon, eggs, bread, and butter and I’ll live through this winter yet.


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§ 2 Responses to Bread and Wine, Milk and Butter

  • Annie Schwendinger says:

    Hi Erin – I am a friend of Ashley Goff’s who saw your blog mentioned on Facebook. I used to be a regular attendee at Church of the Pilgrims and know most of the people that are there. I started reading your blog and am very inspired by your upcoming attempt to eat local and organic for the year. I think you can do it but it will probably be a different way of thinking/planning until you get into a groove.

    One thing I wanted to pass your way is:

    Have you heard of them? They deliver to DC residents and I have some friends who use them and LOVE them. My family and I are going to try them out in the new year. I’m not sure if the cost is too much but it could be an option to consider.

    Best of luck and I’ll be reading on your blog how things go!
    Thanks and happy holidays!
    -Annie Schwendinger

    • elittlestar says:

      Thanks Annie! I actually had heard of Washington Green Grocer through DCCK, but didn’t even think of them as an option for this! Thanks for reminding me 🙂 I’ll definitely check it out. I’d like to try as many different ways as I can for eating locally, not just the farmers market, to give others who would like to do this some options. A delivery service would certainly seem like one of the easiest ways!

      Thanks for reading!

      xoxo, erin

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